Why Force Chain


  • We produce with the latest technology. We have a sustainable quality.
  • We implement our production tests in world standards.
  • All of the lines we manufacture have the same technology.
  • We own the most modern production lines in Europe.
  • Do all the side stages of the chain production make us ahead of from our competitors.
  • All our products related to “lifting” are $ 500,000 per product accident insured


  • We are the sector leader in chain production between Ø 2 mm and ø 16 mm
  • With our annual production of 850 tons per month, we respond quickly to the needs of our customers.
  • Our customers do not need to keep inventory.
  • Thanks to our speed, we reduce inventory costs our customers.
  • We have a positive effect on the management costs of our customers who do not need to make inventory management.
  • Because of our fast shipping after order, our customers do not have to manage the following dates.


  • Because of our fast delivery, our customers can use the payment terms we provide them, in their own marketing.
  • Compare to Far East, we are not doing prepaid selling. It is enough to order the required goods only 21 days in advance for their cycle.
  • When the delivery program is provided, we keep the inventory for deliver faster to our customers.
  • As we export directly to 45 countries, we investigate and reflect the best freight rates for our customers.
  • We export almost every week to various regions of the world. We can deliver your partial loads for affordable prices.
  • In consequence of fast production and integration, our competitive price makes our customers different in the market. Their competitiveness increases and they stand out against their opponents.


  • By using our 73 years of sectoral knowledge in special projects, we become solution partners for our customers' demands.
  • In line with the requirements, we work through the products in our R & D department.
  • For industrial using, we work on productivity enhancing solutions.
  • We identify the problems and provide lasting benefits.