Machine manufacturers are not the users of the machines they produce, they can not predict the troubles that may arise over the time. Some distruptions can reduce the productivity and cause the fluctuations in quality. This is an unwanted condition in series production.

From this context, our company designs and produces a large part of the machines it uses in its production. We have 75 years of production experience and the machines designed by our team which are highly unique & innovative that makes us distinguished in the market. In our R&D department, we produce our own machines and we contribute to our country’s economy by producing value added products without importing the technology.

The machines we designed at lower costs than imported items and provides more efficient production as well as better quality at the same time.

Moreover, we design and manufacture plastic injection molds, machines for different processes, sector-specific products and their productions in our R&D department.

Our R&D Department enables us to compete against well known global players in our sector so our company is pioneering the industry especially in Europe with its own products and production lines.